A New Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Method Based on SNR

Wang Zhenchao, Ma Chao, Wang Zhe


Collaborative sensing is an important technology in cognitive radio(CR). According to the influence of signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) of sensing signal to the result of the detection, this paper discusses a new collaborative algorithm for the spectrum sensing based on SNR. It groups the cognitive users according to the SNR of the signal, and processes the test results of each group using “OR” guideline and “AND” guideline respectively. Finally, combine the results of each group reusing “OR” guideline. Numerical analysis and computer simulations show that the algorithm can improve the credibility of spectrum detection, because it has the characteristics of the detection conclusion of every cognitive user. Compared with the traditional algorithm, the simulation results prove the algorithm is more effective in improving the detection probability.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/telkomnika.v10i7.1567

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