Adaptive Control of Rotor-bearing System with Coupling Faults of Pedestal Looseness and Rub-impact

JIA Limin, YAO Dechen, LI Xiaofeng, QIN Yong, CAI Guoqiang


Pedestal looseness and rub-impact are two important faults in rotating machinery. Once the Pedestal looseness is developed in a rotor system, the rotor is more likely to make contact with stator under tight clearance conditions. Due to the presence of both Pedestal looseness and rub-impact, the whole system becomes highly nonlinear and instability. The present study is aimed to simulate a chaotic system of the nonlinear rotor system and the system can adaptively be converted to normal working state under the circumstance of the chaotic state occasioned by outside perturbation for the complicated chaotic system. The nonlinear dynamic equations of rotor-bearing system with coupling faults of pedestal looseness and rub-impact force are derived and a multi-parameter adaptive control algorithm is given. As a result, it is found that those systems possess various nonlinear dynamical inherences. The numerical results also show that the parametric adaptive control method is appropriate to those rotor-bearing systems, outside interference under the state of chaos arising from the situation can be adaptive to adjust to normal working condition. It has strongly control capability of stability. The theoretical and practical idea for controlling rotor–bearing systems and optimizing their operation can be more precise.



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