Bi-Level Multi-criteria Multiple Constraint Level Optimization MODELS and Its Application

Lei Zhao, Liehui Zhang, Yihua Zhong, Yilin Wang


Because oil field development system is a large hierarchical and uncertain system, this paper uses the theory of bi-level programming and multi-criteria multiple constraint level  to formulate a new oilfield measure structural optimization model which is bi-level multiple objectives and multiple constraint level nonlinear programming, and present a new method to solve the bi-level programming whose lower is multiple objectives nonlinear programming, whose upper is linear programming. The result of this model not only may feed back to the comprehensive information of measures output distribution optimization to decision-makers as a whole, but also can provide decision makers oil field exploitation contingency planning to deal with changed resource constraint level. The case study shows that the result fitting calculation by the model is coincide with the historical data of oil field, the model is correct and effective. Moreover this research may provide a reliable new method for oil field development optimal decision-making.




optimization model; oil field development programming; multi-criteria multiple constraint level; bi-level programming

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