Research on the Key Technique of SPC Exchange Equipment Based on FPGA

Liu Yuansheng, Han Xi


In the program controlled exchange technology college course, the signal transmission and voice data exchange for the communication system were usually achieved by utilizing the program controlled telephone exchange equipment choosing MT8980 series chip as the processing core which was limited to the numbers of communication channels and inflexibility of information interchange manners. A variety of extern circuits, taking time slice generation circuit and tone signal generation circuit as examples, will even be required which directly causes the complexity of the whole structure. Considering the disadvantages referred above, a new method of SPC (Stored Program Control) exchange exploiting FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is proposed in this paper. The time slice generation, signal tone generation, user calls, voice data exchange functions, as well as other secondary functions, were realized by applying the new approach which allows the further development through hardware in-system programming. The superiority of the means is furnished in the end via comparing the experimental data in detail.




FPGA; Program Controlled Exchange; Information Process

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