Research of Signal De-noising Technique Based on Wavelet

Shigang Hu, Yinglu Hu, Xiaofeng Wu, Jin Li, Zaifang Xi, Jin Zhao


During the process of signal testing, often exposed to interference and influence of all kinds of noise signal, such as data collection and transmission and so may introduce noise. So in practical applications, before analysis of the data measured, the need for de-noising processing. The signal de-noising is a method for filtering the high frequency  noise of the signal and makes the signal more precise. This paper deals with the general theory of wavelet transform, the application of wavelet transform in signal de-noising as well as the analysis of the characteristics of noise-polluted signa1. Matlab is used to be carried out the simu1ation where the different wavelet and different threshold of the same wavelet for signal de-noising are applied. An indicator of wavelet de-noising is presented , it is the indicator of smoothness. Through analysis of the experiment , considered MSE , SNR and smoothness , it can be a good way to evaluate the equality of wavelet de-noising. The results show that the wavelet transform can achieve excellent results in signal de-noising.





wavelet transform; de-noising; threshold; MATLAB

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