A Convenient Control Strategy of Bearingless Induction Motor Based on Inverse System Method

Wen-shao Bu, Chun-xiao Lu, Cong-lin Zu


To achieve the reliable control of bearingless induction motor which is a multi-variable and nonlinear object, a convenient decoupling control strategy based on inverse system method is proposed. The reversibility of four-pole torque system was analyzed, and the inverse system models were analysed also. Then the torque system was decoupled into two second-order linear subsystems: one is the rotor speed system; another is the rotor flux system. The suspension control system adopts negative feedback control strategy, and the required air-gap flux linkage of torque system was obtained from the rotor flux and stator current ontime; finally, synthesis and simulation of the decoupling control system for bearingless induction motor were researched. Simulation results have demonstrated that good performance can be achieved. The presented control strategy is feasible.


DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.11591/telkomnika.v12i5.3999


Bearingless Induction Motor; Reversibility Analyse; Convenient Control strategy; Decoupling Control System; synthesis and simulation

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