Guidelines to Establish Secure Structure in Communication Networks used in the Smart Grid

Siamak Rezaei


Currently, an extensive worldwide movement to implement electrical Smart Grid and replacing traditional grids has been started. In the past, since each electrical grid was usually using its specific systems and protocols, the possibility of system penetration and consequently security concerns was in low levels. But in recent years, with implementation of electrical Smart Grid, using open standards and popular network protocols, such as the technology which is used in the Internet (Internet Protocol), in electrical Smart Grids has been considered. This is due to advantages like efficiency, accessibility and low cost of these technologies. But, on the other hand, this increases the security concerns. Thus, selecting the appropriate communication mechanism for Smart Grid, is one of the most important challenges. Therefore, in this paper we introduce and study traditional communication networks in Smart Grids and discuss security capabilities of them. 


Grid Security, IP, Standards, Protocols, Communication Networks.

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