An Review of Power Factor Correction in SRM Drives Using Bridgeless Converters

M. Vishvanath, R. Balamurugan


This paper deals with a comparative analysis of various converter topologies for Power Factor Correction (PFC) in switched reluctance motor drives. Hence a power factor corrected converter required for obtaining the improved PQ at the AC mains for an inverter fed SRM drive has been analyzed. The SRM when fed by a DBR with a high value of DC-link capacitor results in highly distorted supply current and a poor power factor. A new bidirectional bridgeless LUO converter is used. The bridgeless LUO converter is a mixture of two dc-dc converters with one or two semiconductor switches in the current flowing path thereby reducing the current stresses in the active and passive switches. Circuit efficiency is further improved as compared to conventional Converters. LUO converters are new series of DC/DC Converters that have very low ripple of voltage and current and have output wave with high quality, high transfer voltage gain and high power density.




SRM Drives

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